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[Stemed-l] Physics as a door into STEM Education

From: "Valentin V. Voroshilov" <valbu@bu.edu>
Sent: December 27, 2016 2:09:18 PM EST
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Subject: please, post the invitation

Dear Dr. Sternheim,
Could you, please, post the attached invitation?
Thank you in advance
Valentin Voroshilov

         “Physics as a Door into STEM Education”


Please, join us on January 17th at 4 pm at Boston University Physics Department for a presentation and the following discussion about the role of physics in attracting students into STEM related fields.


When?    4 pm, January 17th (Tuesday), 2017


Where? Boston University Physics Department Studio Auditorium,

B23 (the lowest floor, a.k.a. the basement),

The Metcalf Science Building,

590 Commonwealth Ave (the Commonwealth Ave. entrance)


720 Beacon St (the Beacon St. entrance)


Coffee and light refreshments will be available!


Questions?   =>   Dr. Valentin Voroshilov         valbu@bu.edu


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Dr. Valentin Voroshilov  BU, Physics Department

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