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Please read the following carefully!   The classes and labs will be taught in the new Integrated Sciences Building (ISB) at 661 N. Pleasant St. Amherst, MA.   The dorm area where some of you will be staying is in the North Residential Area, which is a short walk away.
  Lots of information about your stay in Amherst, the dormitory, and the
  course is available at  and Please visit these pages
  BEFORE you come to our campus!

  DIRECTIONS for reaching the Umass and the Institute are online at If you are flying, it is
  best to go to the Hartford/Springfield (Bradley) airport, an hour from
  UMass by car rental or van. Boston (Logan) is a two hour drive or a
  complicated bus trip to UMass.

  Click on this link for a map
  of the area on campus where we will be holding our Institute.  The classes
  and labs will be taught in the new Integrated Sciences Building (ISB) at
  661 N. Pleasant St. Amherst, MA. The dorm where some of you will be
  staying is in the North Residential Area, Building C, which is a short
  walk away.

  Parking on campus is strictly regulated. We have outlined below where you
  should park depending on whether you are commuting or staying in the dorms
  and how to obtain the necessary permit.  Please park in the correct lot;
  they do ticket and tow!  Commuters will need parking passes (which we will
  provide) for Lot 43, which is split into three areas (see map link above).
   If you have a handicapped permit, there are reserved spots at the ISB. No
  other pass is needed if you are using a handicapped spot. More information
  is below.

  We will be meeting at 8:30 AM Monday for registration and
  coffee/pastries on the 3rd floor of the Integrated Sciences
  Building on North Pleasant Street
  see We will also provide
  lunch each day in the neighboring Worcester Dining

  If you have any serious food allergies, please let us know ahead of time.

  We will start class promptly at 9:00 each morning; coffee and pastries
  will be available from 8:30 until 8:55.

  DORM People
  If you are arriving Sunday evening and staying in the dorms, go straight
  to the North Residential area see and check in at the main
  desk (Building C) which is open 24 hours a day.  They will assign you a
  room and give you your week-long parking pass, a linen packet and a key.
  If you are arriving on Monday morning, please also park near the North
  Residential area.  If you have time, pick up your parking pass in Building
  C and then do the full room check-in then. If you are running late, you
  can leave your car in the North Residential Area lot and go back during a
  break to get the parking pass. You cannot park in the lot we designate
  below for commuters as we do not have enough parking passes for that lot
  available for our dorm people.

  Note that the dorm rooms are singles in unisex suites; do not bring a
  spouse or other guest along. We can provide information about hotel rooms
  (at an additional cost to you) if you have a guest with you. (Hotel
  information is available at

  There is a $70 deposit for a room key in the dorm. (Not always... but fair warning!) That deposit will be given back to you when you turn in your room key.

  Commuters arriving on Monday morning should park in lot 43 on North
  Pleasant Street (see
  ). You need a permit/pass to park in that lot.  We will have those
  available for you at in the main downstairs lobby of the ISB Building.
  You will need to obtain this parking pass to put in your car early on
  Monday morning. Please allow an extra 15 minutes to do this on the first
  morning. Registration will be on the 3rd floor at the north end of the
  building once you have obtained a parking pass.

  Finally, please let us know as soon as possible if for some reason you
  will be unable to attend our institute.  We have a waiting list.  Thank
  you and we look forward to seeing you on July 7th.