Where to buy some of the materials we used

UV materials from Educational Innovations (www.teachersource.com)

This site has 20 x 24 UV blocking single sheets for sale for $8.00. UV Blocking sheets

Nanofilters:  Ordering nanofilter kits from Argonide

Ferrofluids: Nanomedicine and Ferrofluids Activity Materials List

LED's can be bought from many sources. AllElectronics.com, catalog LED-137, has nice leads and a mounting clip.

The atomic microscope CD (which illustrates diffusion, osmosis, gas laws, etc.) can be ordered from:

STARK Design, Inc.
P.O. Box 429
Morristown, NJ 07963
(973) 734-9911
Their website www.starkdesign.com is under construction right now  (July, 2011)


Materials for the self assembly activities:

Ceramic Permanent Magnets


Ceramic Disc Pkg/100 3/8"dia x1/4"         


About $8 per package of 100.

The wooden shape manipulatives were from Michael's Crafts on Route 9  in Hadley, as
were the corks and the buttons. The wooden plugs, short dowels, and PVC pipe
were from a hardware store. Straws and toothpicks were from a grocery store. All
were very inexpensive.