How to login and post on our message board

This how-to contains general information on how to login, read messages, reply to messages, post new threads, edit your posts, etc. on our message board. It is not a step by step tutorial since you have the option of picking which forum to enter, which thread to reply to, etc.

The images and forum names might look different on your account.

Navigate to using your web browser or click here.

Enter your username and password and click Login

Click on one of the forums

Inside of the forums you will find threads. Threads contain one or more messages (posts) about a specific topic.

Click on one of the Threads to view the message(s) inside

To reply to a thread either click the "Post Reply" button, or to quote a particular message inside a thread, click the "Quote" button in the message you wish to quote.

You will be brought to the Reply to Thread Message Editor. You will notice that there are many buttons that allow you to format your message. If you hover your mouse pointer over any of the buttons, a tooltip will appear that tells you what the button does. Type a message and click "Submit Reply"

To edit (change) your post at any time, click the edit button in your message (you must be logged in to edit your posts)

To navigate back to a particular forum, category, or to the main forum index, use the navigation menu near the top of the page.


To start a new thread (topic) in a forum, click the New Thread Button. Give you thread a title (subject) and type a message in the message window. When you are finished typing a message, click Submit New Thread

User Options

From the main menu of our Forum discussion board, you are able to create/edit a signature file, change your email address and change your password. To do this click on "User CP" at the left end of the top menu bar. The list on the left of the next screen provides access to these and other options.