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You can use a magnifying glass to see small things that you can’t with your bare eyes—like the surface of a human hair. You could use a common light microscope to see things that you can’t with a magnifying glass—like a living cell. How can you see things that are so small that they can’t be seen with a microscope?

One way of  “seeing” tiny, nanoscale things is to use an imaging tool called an Atomic Force Microscope, or AFM for short. In this video you will see how an AFM works and exactly what is meant by “seeing” things that are so small.

Module Information
Authors:Yizi Calm, Huaje Ke
Topics:lab equipment, measurement,
Audience Middle School,High School
Keywords: afm, microscopy, microscope
Release: Alpha Beta Gold

Curricular Materials:

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AFM Model Rob Snyder Doc PDF
AFM Model Guide Rob Snyder Doc PDF
AFM Optics Rob Snyder Doc PDF
AFM Torques Rob Snyder Doc PDF
AFM Powerpoint Rob Snyder Ppt

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