Electrochemical deposition is used in the manufacturing of products for our everyday lives-it is a process by which a film of solid metal is deposited from a solution of ions onto an electrically conducting surface. Many times, the deposited film has dimensions within the nanoscale and hence the resulting product has gone through a process of nanomanufacturing.

People have been using electrochemical deposition for centuries. Its practice has evolved from an art to a science and accordingly there have been many discoveries that pushed its use towards depositing nanoscale films.

This video will explain the process of electrochemical deposition, especially within the context of nanomanufacturing.”


Module Information
Authors:Sam Bingham,Adam Black, Yitzi Calm, Kris Garand, Jake Throckmorton
Topics: electrodeposition, electroplating
Audience High School
Keywords: electrodeposition, electroplating, nanofilm, solvation, ion
Release: Alpha Beta Gold

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