Mapping and GPS Resources


Government Resources


1. The National Atlas of the United States:  This web site can be used to construct, view maps, print maps, and obtain information about maps.




2.  U.S. Census Bureau's Gazetteer:  Enter a zip code to view a map and obtain exact latitude and longitude data in degree-decimal form.




3.  SciTech A catalog of governmental science and technology web sites.




4.  National Geodetic Survey:  This web site provides a variety of maps (e.g., Path of Hurricane Katrina)




5.  GPS A New Constellation (A Smithsonian web site related to the exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.)




6. A NASA Resource




7. A USGS Resource




8. The Massachusetts GIS Office: (For example: Use their online mapping resource to get latitudes and longitudes)




            The Mass GIS list of other online mapping resources




9.  Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife




            Town Core Wildlife Maps Information






Resources Developed by Universities and Non-Profits


1. Harvard University





1. NCGIA (The National Center for Geographic Information Analysis)




2. The NCGIA Core Curriculum in GIS Science: This web site provides links to mapping topics.  For example, a document developed by Anthony P. Kirvan, department of Geography at the University of Texas at Austin focuses on latitude and longitude (use the second URL).






3.  GPS: A New Navigation: (A PBS web site with information relating to navigation)




4.  A University of Montana information resource:


5. A University of Minnesota Resource




6. An Iowa State University Resource




7. Another resource - click on Unit 3




8. An American Museum of Natural History resource


9. A Curriculum Products Web Site




10. A vocational education association is developing a GPS CD-ROM