STEM ACT Conference

Friday - Sunday, May 5th-7th, 2006




Goals of STEM-ACT Conference


The conference will focus on alternative certification programs for the preparation of science teachers. The overall purpose of the conference is to identify key features and issues relating to the alternative certification of science teachers as a basis for developing a more systematic approach to the study of these efforts. The conference will provide an opportunity to bring together experts from around the country to engage in a constructive dialogue about the current state of knowledge regarding the impact and effectiveness of alternative teacher certification in science. This conference will have four primary foci.


  1. The conference will provide an overview of the existing policy on alternative certification of secondary (middle and high school) science teachers in the US, including key assumptions and questions.


  1. It will begin a synthesis of existing research about the needs, methods, and outcomes of alternative certification for science teachers.

  2. Conference participants will take an in-depth look at existing programs and models through the examination of particular cases.

  3. The conference will seek to identify an agenda for future research questions on alternative certification to guide development and implementation of new programs.