STEM ACT Conference

May 5th-7th, 2006

Doubletree Hotel, Crystal City, Arlington VA






Sunday Morning Working Session


Participants will be divided into three large groups based on their interest in research, policy and practice. Each large group will be divided into groups of five or so facilitated by a member of the writing committee. The small groups will review through analysis and synthesis of what was discussed and presented during the conference. Each group will generate lists on flip chats and written summaries that will be used to share the results of this work with all conference participants and then given to the writing committees.


The following schedule will be followed during this session:


9:00-9:15am Welcome

9:15-9:45am Small Groups Identification of major themes

         Points of agreement

         Points of controversy

         Areas for future research

         Topics associated with other themes should be identified so they can be shared with groups discussing that theme

9:45-10:50am Small Groups Development of detailed analysis within major themes

10:50-11:30am Thematic Groups (policy, research and practice) - discussion of small group work

11:30am-12noon Plenary Presentation of results and conclusion