Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation



STEMTEC is one of approximately thirty Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (CETP’s) funded by the National Science Foundation over the past several years. The CETP program promotes comprehensive change in the undergraduate education of future teachers by supporting cooperative, multiyear efforts to increase substantially the quality and number of teachers well prepared in science and mathematics, especially members of traditionally underrepresented groups.


The importance of this program is underscored by the present and projected shortages of K12 teachers, especially in math and science. The mediocre American scores on the recent TIMSS tests also highlight the need for better math and science teaching in our schools to produce a more literate citizenry and workforce. CETP’s typically involve several institutions in a region or a state that are involved in teacher preparation. Each CETP had its own model, reflecting the needs of the area, the state teacher preparation requirements, and the institutional culture.

NSF is no longer funding any additional CETP's. STEMTEC is now in its ninth and last year, with a no-cost extension of a follow-on grant being used to fund new teacher support.