Travel Reimbursement


STEM ACT will pay the expenses of invited participants and the lead authors of accepted proposals. However, funds are limited, and the following procedures and limitations are required. We will pay the basic hotel room charges directly, and reimburse you for transportation expenses. Note that several weeks will elapse before your reimbursement check arrives.

1. Hotel

Make your own reservations by calling the hotel at 1-800-222-TREE or 1-703-416-4100. Tell the operator that you are attending the STEM-ACT conference, which is the reservation code, at the Crystal City Doubletree and give them a credit card number to hold the room. Be sure to cancel in advance if for any reason you find that you will not be able to attend or you will be billed for one night. Reservations must be made by April 5.

We will pay the hotel the actual cost of the room plus tax at the time of the conference for those who we have agreed in advance to fund. You will be charged only for incidental expenses, if any.  If travel logistics will require staying more than two nights, please contact us in advance for approval.

2. Transportation

We can reimburse costs for mileage, tolls, parking, air fares, meals in transit, etc. Receipts are required where they are normally available. Please look for the most reasonable fares available. Total reimbursement may not exceed $500 unless you have received approval in advance.


        your receipts,

        information of

      your home address,


      Social Security number,

      day time phone number,

      fax number, and

        a detailed list of expenses



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